“DBT immediately gave me hope.”

The Linehan Institute has collected many DBT success stories via our website. These stories spread hope and inspiration to DBT clients, their family and supporters, and DBT providers. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Nina in Washington, USA.

My trauma therapist recommended DBT after 3 years of treatment. I was able to start individual therapy right away…and started [a skills] group a month later.

DBT immediately gave me hope. Where I previously thought “there’s something wrong with me, I’ll be like this forever,” I now think nobody taught me these skills growing up because I was more emotionally sensitive than the rest of my family…and now that I have learned about these skills I have hope that if I keep practicing and doing the work, I will live the life I want! The skills have been so helpful in navigating painful emotions. I lost my father to suicide in my 8th month of DBT and I am fairly certain that I would not have been able to handle the last 7 months of my life as effectively as I have if it weren’t for DBT. I have been able to improve my relationships with others, experience emotions with the knowledge that I can use distress tolerance skills if needed. I am making changes to make my life more meaningful and challenging myself to become more confident. I am not sure there are enough ways to say just how much I trust that DBT has changed and saved my life.

I have had several friends and family members tell me that they can notice the impact that DBT has had on me, and they are so proud!


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